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[Game Update] - 265438

Release Date: 04/23/18

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Potentially fixed the remaining issues with Duplicants turning invisible.
  • Pacus can no longer swim through two touching diagonal tiles.
  • Pacus can no longer swim through mesh tiles.
  • Pacus are slightly happy that they ate from a feeder.
  • Ore should no longer fall/disappear on conveyors.
  • Hat wearing Duplicant portraits should properly show their hat hair.
  • Fixed an issue where a significant amount of translated strings were not properly loaded.
  • Pipe overlays should render properly when using sandbox tools in an area covered by fog of war.
  • Stone hatch eggs should now spawn Stone Hatchlings instead of adults.
  • Layed eggs should now look like the creature that will hatch out of the egg instead of the creature that layed the egg.
  • Fixed some Light Bugs not hatching the correct babies.
  • Fixed Slicksters hatching as adults instead of babies.
  • Thermal conductivity for heat exchange is now based on the average conductivity of the two elements instead of the minimum. This should improve the temperature exhchange of many things including radiant pipes.

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