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[Game Update] - 260234

Release Date: 03/15/18

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • puft should no longer infinitely inhale
  • creatures should no longer poop out literal tonnes of material
  • fixed a crash that could occur when using a translation containing a database link within a database link
  • removed industrial machinery restriction from creature pen
  • suit locker should now be prioritizable
  • bag created by rangling burrowed hatches should now appear on the ground
  • info screen title label is slightly larger to accomodate different font sizes
  • hatches should no longer be constipated after eating phosphorite
  • fixed layering when dropping eggs from incubator
  • resource screen should now list liquifiable items
  • dupes should no longer ignore showering
  • database button for buildings under consutrction should now work
  • fixed an issue where the travel tube launcher and steam turbine were not responding to their automation inputs
  • items carried by Duplicant should no longer melt during transit preventing infinite fetching loops where Duplicant's would keep failing to transfer small amounts of ore
  • fixed a memory/performance leak

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