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[Game Update] - 259043

Release Date: 03/08/18

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Dupes should no longer ignore sweeping.
  • Slickster should now produce oil instead of slime.
  • Morbs should once again spawn slime on death.
  • Creatures should no longer have blank status items.
  • Omelette recipe should properly display it's ingredients.
  • You can now type to filter elements in the debug element painter.
  • Creatures should now spawn with non zero calories
  • Misc crash fixes.
  • Thermo Sensor should now bring up the automation overlay instead of the power overlay.
  • Creatures should properly eat from the feeder when hungry.
  • Dead dupes should now be properly considered dead after save/load.
  • Chlorine geysers should no longer be missing in newly created worlds.
  • "Unreachable Dig" status item should disappear when it is no longer true.
  • Incubator now requires 240 watts instead of 120.
  • Eggs should now rot.
  • Incubators prevent eggs from rotting.

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