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[Game Update] - 258798

Release Date: 03/07/18

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Morbs should once again spit out polluted oxygen.
  • Wrangle tool now displays hover text if you try to wrangle a creature which cannot be wrangled.
  • Hatches should now properly display the 'buried object' marker when spawned inside of a solid tile. This change requires a new world to be generated. 
  • Hatches should no longer 'freak out' when landing
  • Creature info panels should now display what is required to capture the creature
  • Build menu should no longer be offset when creating a new game
  • Rancher job now has a ranching perk
  • Main menu should no longer stutter when you have lots of save files.
  • Duplicants can no longer rangle burried hatches.
  • Creatures should now consume the appropriate amount of calories every cycle.

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