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[Game Update] - 253538

Release Date: 02/01/18

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Just a quick note regarding priority: in addition to implementing Duplicant Jobs this update, we also tried to tackle some of the thorny issues of Priority. We felt it was a natural fit that Jobs also affect priority, but we haven’t been happy with the side effects. In particular, it was hard to understand, and now that we've added the ability to retain mastery it didn’t make much sense anymore, so we are going to backburner reviewing priorities for a later update.

Please keep posting your feedback, we really appreciate it!

  • Priorities are now 1-9.
  • Roles now affect priority within a single priority level (e.g. will prefer one prio 5 task over another prio 5 task) rather than across priority levels (6 is always higher than 5 no matter what)
  • Role perks are now permanent upon mastery of the role. The expectations of the highest mastered/assigned role determine the duplicant's expectations
  • Role attribute bonuses adjust to account for permanent perks
  • Roles can only be changed at the Job Desk, construct one to unlock roles management
  • A very larger number of duplicants can be assigned to a single role
  • Re-enabled attribute leveling, reduced max attribute base level to 20
  • Reintroduced strength attribute to determine carrying amount
  • Athletics is rolled separately from other attributes, and no roles directly buff athletics anymore
  • Add experience gaining and attribute speed bonuses for more chore types
  • Steam turbine should properly stop if entombed or disabled
  • Dupes will now wait for materials to be delivered before digging out any building which affects locomotion including tiles, ladders, fire poles and the pitcher pump. They will however dig out ladders/fire poles without waiting for materials if the job is attached to an existing ladder/fire pole.
  • Liquids will now only sublimate to a max pressure.
  • Conveyor contents should no longer melt when loading a save file.
  • Multiple instances of a building in a room should now be porperly considered inside that room.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a door was destroyed the frame after it received a logic signal.
  • Dig damage texture should no longer disappear just before a tile is properly dug out.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicants would become unselectable.
  • Tiles can no longer be build on top of Tempshift Plates.
  • Duplicant portraits should now be displaying the proper hats in the vitals/consumables screens.
  • Coal generator is now automatable.
  • Duplicant role progression is now displayed at the bottom of the stats tab.
  • Duplicants with roles should now properly prioritize the massage table if it is the highest set player prioritized building.

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