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[Game Update] - 253063

Release Date: 01/30/18

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using conveyors.
  • Smart battery uses correct icon in the automation overlay.
  • Clear floor debug menu option should work once again.
  • Oxygen overlay tooltip should once again show oxygen contents of cells on hover.
  • Fixed a bug with conduit temperature transfer.
  • The word "Unassigned" in the roles screen should now be translatable.
  • Sculptures/paintings should no longer complain about the colony not having an artist role after they have been completed.
  • Rooms with only half a horizontal door being accessible should now be properly considered as rooms.
  • Storage lockers containing sublimating material should no longer animate every time the material sublimates.
  • Missing research station notification should no longer appear as "UNKNOWN TAGs".
  • Click and hovering over a dead dupe should no longer show a tooltip claiming that this dupe cannot die because the death job is already assigned.
  • Fixed layering on Heavi Conductive Joint Plate.
  • Groundskeeper role now has a small Athletics affinity and gets experience from flipping compost.
  • Dupes can now dig out buildings before construction materials are delivered for all buildings except ladders.
  • Higher tier dig orders should no longer be missing dig icons.
  • Printing Pod is no longer overheatable.
  • Steam Turbine should now properly decelerate.
  • Fixed layering on ore leaving the conveyor inbox.
  • Dupes should no longer consider offscreen ore as reachable.
  • Hovering over a building and switching to the sweep tool should no longer cause hover text to linger on the screen.
  • Fixed the word "germs" showing up twice on one of the germ tooltips.
  • Role mastery tooltip will now properly display what role needs to be mastered.
  • Transfer arms should no longer take equipment off of dupes.
  • Misc crash fixes.

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