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[Game Update] - 246289

Release Date: 12/10/17

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Tube Access now has charge like a battery, only consumes power while charging, uses a portion of its charge when a duplicant launches from it.
  • Tube Access is now 3 tiles wide
  • Adjusted costs of Tubes and Tube Access to make tubes less expensive, end points more expensive
  • Cost of ladders adjusted to coincide with tubes.
  • Adjusted cost of Creature Delivery point to a meaningful number
  • Fix Hypothermia double-debuffing the cooking attribute
  • Fixed ground rendering issue on OSX
  • Shader fixes to improve rendering on Linux
  • Improved Tube Tile Bridge artwork
  • Duplicants should no longer get stuck in an infinite delivery loop when the item they want is on a tube
  • Berry Bar takes the correct form of Sleet Wheat now
  • Calorie count should no longer show negative values when you have lots of food
  • Fix issue where Tube Accesses would sometimes not be connected on load

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