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[Game Update] - 242186

Release Date: 11/14/17

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Pressure sensors no longer get "stuck" on vacuum.
  • Weight Plate will correctly un-trigger if the thing on top of it disappears (e.g. a creature is trapped)
  • Fix for crash using Flush Toilet
  • Fix for invalid temperatures on closed doors
  • Fix for duplicants being unable to jump to a ladder over top of a door
  • Refineries hide undiscovered materials
  • Aerial Lure no longer consumes ore (slime still sublimates)
  • Aerial Lure can be properly logic controlled
  • Creatures don't clump so tightly around the Aerial Lure
  • Improved Aerial Lure control screen
  • Build Menu only takes one right-click to fully close now
  • Updated art for Time of Day Sensor
  • Updated art for Gas Shutoff
  • Neutronium is once again unbreakable
  • Updated artwork and interact for Rock Granulator
  • Hydrogen Crystal Thermal Displacement Device is now known as Anti¬†Entropy Thermo-Nullifier
  • Misc. text and description updates

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