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[Game Update] - 241964

Release Date: 11/13/17

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Some Automation buildings will have a red status icon if they don't have a wire plugged in
  • Crash fixed when interacting with the resources list
  • More fixes for preventing dupes from getting stuck doing nothing
  • Another fix for item temperatures in storages merging incorrectly
  • Updated Rock Granulator art
  • Updated Fire Pole animations
  • Liquid and Gas Shutoffs animations better convey flow/active.
  • Fix for flush toilet getting stuck after a flush
  • Flipped buildings will now be functional even if placed against a wall
  • Various performance improvements
  • Fix for crash on new game
  • New Thermal Plate artwork; partially hooked up.
  • Update to Klei's Chinese translation
  • Doors no longer create magic steel behind them when they're closed
  • Prevent Buried Item cracks from appearingĀ on buildings
  • Fix crash when loading Weight Plates

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