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[Game Update] - 235181

Release Date: 10/01/17

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Gas displacement should no longer have a directional bias.
  • Dupes should no get stuck when walking passed a disabled Exosuit Checkpoint
  • Dupes wearing clothing should no longer ignore Exosuit Checkpoints
  • Dupes should no longer remove their regular clothing when recovering breath
  • Tinkering now improves Oil Well depressurization speed
  • Duplicants should no longer complain about being hot when wearing the Exosuit unless they are in an extremely hot area
  • Duplicants should no longer have helmets appear when going to sleep after unequipping an Exosuit
  • Duplicants should no longer have dozens of tiny outfits floating around their heads when eating after unequipping an Exosuit

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