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[Game Update] - 217187

Release Date: 05/17/17

Update Information:

New Items, Buildings and Recipes: Discover new plants, buildings and yummy cooking recipes. Farm food and flavour-enhancing spices, then cook them into culinary delights for your Duplicants to enjoy.

Improved Crop Tending: Build pipe systems and irrigate your crops using new farm plots. Monitor pressure, temperature, fertilization and irrigation to keep your crops happy and healthy.

New Farming Systems: The Harvest Rating Point system now allows you to increase the yield of your harvest by meeting ideal growing conditions for crops. Reach 100 Harvest Rating and watch your plants yield extra kcal and new seeds for farm expansion.

Consumables Screen: Control your colony’s eating habits with the new Consumables Screen. Dupes now have Food Quality Expectations, so try to feed them foods they like!

New Duplicant Stress Responses: All new ways for Duplicants to have mental breakdowns! Tears will be shed and rations will be eaten with new Ugly Crier and Binge Eater traits.

New Energy Source: New Natural Gas Geysers have tons of power to harness with the Natural Gas Generator, so long as you don’t mind the smell.

Power Control: Manage your power systems more effective and prevent overloads and meltdowns with the new Power Transformer.

Screenshot Mode: Alt-S will now allow you to enter screenshot mode. Zoom out and take a picture of your entire base, then show it to all your friends.

Hydro and Atmo Switches: Automate your systems with pressure-detecting liquid and gas switches.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Storage and Planter Copy Settings: Cut down on time spent setting storage filters and planting seeds by copying & painting filter settings.
  • Breaktimes: No more assigning Dupes to Massage Tables with the new Breaktime Policy screen. Set the stress levels at which they should stop working with the Max Stress slider, then tell them when they should get back to work with Min Stress.
  • Default Job Restrictions: Use the Default column of the Jobs Screen to set job restrictions for new Dupes. Newly printed Dupes will come out with these settings already assigned.
  • Steam Workshop Language Packs: Subscribe to different fan made translations to play Oxygen Not Included in the language of your choice.
  • Framerate improvement, reduced load times, UI changes & more

Change List:

  • Infinite digging bug should now be fixed
  • Invisible block bug should now be fixed
  • Storage Compactors are no longer accessible through diagonal walls
  • Corpses spawned from graves should no longer fall through the world and crash the game
  • Status icons should no longer bounce up and down
  • Buildings should no longer get stuck requesting to be repaired
  • Temperature should now properly simulate inside of pipes
  • Doors now exchange temperature with the world
  • Top left kcal display should match resource screen kcal display
  • Insulated Tiles provides better insulation
  • You can now follow your Dupes around by clicking on one and then clicking on the Follow Cam button
  • Dupes should no longer attempt to recover breath inside of doorways
  • Button order in binding options screen should no longer change when switching tabs
  • Phosphorite can now be stored in Storage Compactors
  • Destructive Dupes can no longer perform the repair job
  • Wheezewort can now be placed in Flower Vases
  • Dupes should no longer jump up a ledge and then back onto a ladder when they could have just climbed the ladder
  • Eating time slightly reduced
  • Water Purifier no longer takes damage when clean water is pumped into it
  • Space Heater now heats up to 70 degrees Celsius instead of 35
  • Plants are now marked for automatic harvest by default instead of having mark them for harvest after each growth cycle
  • Save files are now compressed reducing their size by about 90%
  • Hydrogen Generator is now three units tall to make room for it’s animation
  • Capped max attribute level to 25
  • Loading a save game from within the pause menu should leak much less memory
  • Clothing is now more effective
  • Massages can now be toggled in the Jobs Screen
  • Dupes walking through doors should no longer get teleported into the ground
  • Deconstructing wires/pipes inside of tiles should now pop their ore out of the tile
  • You should now be able to mark ore for sweeping even when it is obscured by a Duplicant
  • Dupes should no longer be sweepable
  • Generally improved performance
  • Expanded resource screen categories should remain expanded after save load
  • Liquid/Gas Pumps should now operate at 100% efficiency if possible
  • Falling water should no longer fall through certain tiles after a save load
  • Dupes should no longer sometimes ignore the Manual Generator’s refill percent
  • Reduced vomit amount and added a caloric cost to vomiting
  • “Move To” tool should no longer leave a marker in the world when cancelled
  • Dupes should no longer drop food on the floor when bringing multiple stacks of food to a Ration Box
  • Nearby Dupes will react to other Dupes' stress behaviours
  • Dupes should no longer idle on a cell that is about to have a tile built on top of it
  • Biodistiller now has a faster conversion time
  • Using the Mop tool on top of existing mop placers should now adjust their priority
  • Storage filter options should now show up in the same order every time instead of being based on discovery order
  • Vitals Screen now displays health
  • Farts are now made of Natural Gas
  • Mop placers can now only be placed on the ground instead of floating in the air where they are unreachable
  • Algae Deoxidizer has better algae:oxygen conversion ratio
  • Decor bonus from resources should always improve decor instead of making ugly buildings uglier
  • All farm types should be prioritizable
  • Priority Overlay colors should work in localized versions of the game
  • Cooking Station now supports emptying storage
  • Harvests should be properly cancellable after a save load
  • Building tiles on top of ore will try and displace it horizontally and diagonally instead of just vertically
  • “A New Hope”/”New Friend” bonus is now properly restored after loading
  • Algae Deoxidizer is prioritizable
  • Resource Screen should be more accurate when loading a save without requiring you to unpause
  • Planter Boxes now have plant growth previews similar to building blueprints
  • Dupes have stress locomotion/emotes leading up to them lashing out
  • Plants now have the concept of yield instead of simply being stifled
  • Save file loading should be about 80% faster on average
  • New Transformer building lets you connect Heavi-Watt Wire to regular Wire
  • Heavi-Watt Wires have a heavy decor penalty
  • Heavi-Watt Wires can no longer be built inside of tiles
  • Switches now have a status icon if they’re not connected to a wire
  • You can now copy settings across storage boxes/planters
  • Destroying a planter now properly unreserves the seed that was queued to be planted
  • "New Friend" now causes -30 stress over three cycles
  • "Mourning" now causes +30 stress over three cycles
  • The Printing Pod can now be disabled
  • The Printing Pod sound now only audible when looking directly at it
  • The Printing Pod sound gets quieter after closing the Dupe selection screen without making a decision
  • Dead Dupes should no longer cause the lashing out notification
  • New "Wet Feet"/"Soaking Wet" stressors
  • Showering now removes "Wet Feet"/"Soaking Wet" stressors
  • New low oxygen stressor for low pressure environments
  • Aggressive Dupes will now sometimes take out their anger on walls
  • Falling snow has its own custom art
  • Dupes should no longer fail to collect liquids from nearby liquid cells
  • Falling liquids should try and merge more appropriately with other liquid cells
  • Jobs Screen now has a default row
  • Plants should now perform pressure/temperature checks across the entire plant
  • Foods now have quality levels, while Duplicants have Food Quality Expectations
  • New “Play music every cycle” option in audio menu
  • Fertilizer maker emits Natural Gas
  • The harvest progress bar should properly disappear if the plant dies
  • Shower progress should now reset when Dupe is interrupted mid-shower
  • When constructing a building for the first time, the material menu should now pick the most plentiful material 
  • Pretty much every string should now be properly translatable
  • Duplicant facial expressions should now work correctly
  • Water Purifier is now 3x4
  • Massage Table is now controlled through custom Breaktime Policy
  • Thermo Switch now uses a slider to adjust its temperature
  • Fixed crash when cancelling a tile queued to be replaced
  • Carried items should no longer appear pink
  • Fixed crash when building pipes in the fog of war
  • Electrolyzer spits out warmer oxygen
  • Fixed a bug where temperature transfer between liquid cells would sometimes be incorrect
  • Seeds remember how many times their plants have been harvested
  • Research Screen polish
  • Research Stations no longer require resource queuing
  • Lots of UI/sound/art/text polish
  • and a whole bunch of miscellaneous bug/crash fixes


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