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[Game Update] - 211197

Release Date: 03/22/17

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Incapacitated Dupes who die┬ábecause no one rescued them should no longer cause a crash
  • Plants should not die as frequently from overheating while in Planter Boxes
  • Reed Fiber should now properly merge into one object when two or more┬áland on the same tile
  • The load screen should no longer crash for people who have really old corrupt save files
  • Using/Emitting status items on the Algae Distillery, Fertilizer Maker and Compost buildings should now display correctly
  • Clothing should no longer disappear when Dupes move around
  • Trying to pick up a piece of ice that has just melted should no longer crash
  • Fixed some temperature/liquid simulation crashes
  • Fertilizer has been tuned further
  • Dupes should no longer deliver infinite water to the Microbe Musher or the Super Computer

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