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[Game Update] - 474477

Release Date: 08/27/21

Update Information:


Hello Hot Lava fans! August is here and we’re bringing the heat for the final days of summer with a scorching new update!


New ‘Daily Challenges’ give you even more reason to jump into Hot Lava on the regular. New rewards are up for grabs - Every. Single. Day. Complete the challenges for some fantastic daily rewards. If you get doubles, don’t fret, we’ve got an exciting new system that addresses that... 


With this update we’ve given our items system a major upgrade - an amazing new feature to ‘recycle’ doubles, or items you don’t want, for tickets you can use to get gear. Instead of just winning items at the completion of level challenges, you can now earn them through this new tickets system. Some super special items will only be available this way! It’s never been easier to get the accessories you want. 


Speaking of items we’ve also added a lot of new challenges to every ‘Curated by Klei’ Map so it’s even easier to pick up some new accessories. Over 99 new challenges to complete, which not only gives you more chances at in-game swag, but also means that Max Player Rank has gone up by a-lot! Jump in to outrank your friends before they beat you to it!


As if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve also added a brand new, Klei-curated Community Map ‘Journey’! Travel through 6 different locations from City to Farm, Harbor to Forest, all with their own unique challenges. Explore these all new Levels and pick up some new items along the way. 

As always, stay cool, stay safe and stay off the floor!

Major Patch Notes

  • Implemented Daily Challenge system which gives three new challenges every day
  • Implemented Item Recycling system
  • New, high tier, items that are only obtainable through recycling
  • New “Curated by Klei” level “Journey”
  • New course challenges in every “Curated by Klei” map
  • Smoothed out Intro level to prevent early deaths
  • Added sister to Gym Class to help with early navigation
  • Added custom victory music per character
  • Install size optimizations
  • Support switching languages without restarting the game
  • Improved lighting in several levels
  • Fixed gamepad button icons sometimes not immediately visible when starting to use gamepad
  • Fixed some level exit placements in Playground
  • Fixed exploit allowing players to start locked courses

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