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[Game Update] - 369684

Release Date: 09/26/19

Update Information:


Hot Lava SDK, our level creation Steam Workshop mod tool, is now available:

  • Contains packages for the Unity game engine
  • Import them to get our basic building blocks for course and art assets from the game to create your own maps and upload them to the Steam Workshop
  • More details in our Modkit readme

Hot Lava SDK is currently available for Windows. You can find it in your Steam Library:

  1. Open the Steam Client
  2. Under Library, select Tools. (Or click Filtered List.)
  3. Install "Hot Lava SDK"
  4. Launch "Hot Lava SDK" to find a quickstart guide and the unity packages.

Detailed Patch Notes - 369684

  • Added Steam trading cards
  • Added Unity map-making tools: Hot Lava SDK (requires Unity 2018.4.8f1)
  • Players now preserve speed through portal checkpoints if they are boosting before entering them
  • Fixed a bug causing velocity loss while performing consecutive surf flicks
  • Reduced maximum angle of slope surf allows to fix some cases of wraparound when leaving an object
  • Chase the buddy course should now work for all players in the Basement level
  • Adjusted difficulty of grab the pin challenge in Chase the Meaning of Basement
  • Fixed bug causing players to go out of bounds midway through Snowy Mountain in the Blue Box
  • Fixed some audio issues with boost batteries in tiny toy trials
  • Fixed achievement text to use "Gym Class" instead of "Tutorial"
  • Added support for gamepad shoulder buttons to cycle spectate
  • Fixed wrong dog in basement courses
  • Fixed mod screen changes selection on refresh
  • Fixed minor translation issues in Chinese, Arabic
  • Fixed some cases of English when translation is applied
  • Fixed gamepad Right Stick doesn't turn character in Toy Shelf when using a controller
  • Fixed ugly mirroring of textures on skater helmet
  • Fixed collision on black mats players were getting caught on in Gym Class
  • Fixed lobster trap near Buddy on wrapped bottles in Wholesale
  • Fixed lobster trap in dog food area, right after freezer section in Wholesale
  • Fixed directions of conveyor belt animations in Wholesale
  • Fixed lobster trap near TV in basement of Intro
  • Fixed numerous issues around player and player accessory visibility
  • Fixed issue with sticker sheet rewards not being available in the customize menu
  • Fixed failure to get gamepad input if gamepad is connected via both wired and wireless
  • Remove Decal from default gamepad binding to prevent accidental use from heavy stick hands

Modkit 369684

  • For previous users of modkit, here's what's new:
  • Requires Unity 2018.4.8f1
  • Add modkit_everything_explained.pdf with solutions to common problems and tips for using advanced features
  • Update modkit_quickstart.pdf with workarounds for possible roadblocks
  • Show error when lava is missing saved simulation and how to fix
  • Add Volcano (see HotLavaPalette)
  • Add TinyToy prefabs (see HotLavaPalette)
  • Add more death reasons to let modkit have more flavour in all languages
  • Fix AddPortalButton adding bad components to lobby game mode

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