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[Game Update] - 355157

Release Date: 07/25/19

Update Information:


Detailed Patch Notes - 355157

  • Added Buddy mode courses in Playground
  • All Course Trial added to Gym Class 
  • All Course Trial added to Playground
  • New course Chase your Sister added to Gym Class
  • New course Chase the Big Kids added to Playground
  • New preview art for The Blue Box
  • Added official Russian translation
  • Course portals re-arranged in Gym Class
  • Sue added to introduction animations in Playground and School
  • Level Intro animations can now be skipped
  • Added Sue dialogue subtitles in Intro
  • Fixed all blue box portals always using xray
  • Fixed wrong impact sound for Detergent Jug
  • Fixed gap in plastic tunnels of School
  • Fixed z-fighting walls in Wholesale
  • Fixed lobster trap near tire stack in Wholesale
  • Expanded kill volume of grinder in Wholesale 
  • Blocked off vent and door way near freezer in the Wholesale course Meat Grinder
  • Add subtitles to Sue’s intro dialogue
  • Improve main menu, language, community maps, and options screen layouts on non 16:9 displays
  • Intro Level rework for better player onboarding
  • Made new items on level select more obvious
  • Made selected item in character customize more obvious
  • Add gamepad button icons to remaining screens
  • Rename PlayerMenu binding to ShowPlayers
  • Audio Mix improvements to Intro level
  • New Coil Pot and Cafe Awning objects SFX

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