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[Game Update] - 288065

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Update Information:


It's that time of year. Pumpkins have been spotted throughout School and Wholesale. Smash all 100 for a treat!

Detailed Patch Notes

  • Upgraded core engine to Unity 2018. Major performance improvements
  • Added checkpoint VFX that visually guides you to the next checkpoint
  • Added new Devil outfit
  • Thrown objects now bounce an appropriate amount
  • Improved the consistency of surf by ensuring you leave the surface in the direction you are looking
  • Added new distance fog on low-end graphics, greatly improves performance
  • Fixed lava rocks in school that, at high speeds, caused players to abruptly stop
  • Fixed angled mats in school gym causing movement issues
  • Fixed floating mats in school gym
  • Fixed jump animation not playing in low framerate situations
  • School tweaks to reduce the difficulty in the acid section in course #5
  • Lava world card in storage shelf of school kitchen is now easier to get
  • Boost meter now has an effect letting you know when it has been maxed
  • Players will exit surf in the direction they are looking more consistently
  • Fix emote popup when selling duplicate emotes
  • Fix no sound when clicking on emotes
  • Switch between fullscreen modes in-game: exclusive, borderless, windowed.
  • Fix course portal names were rarely untranslated
  • Make more strings translatable
  • Fix mixed up input axes strings
  • Light map fix ups in School
  • A touched pursuit object slows down if it gets too far away instead of killing you
  • Add support for right-to-left translation mods
  • Better translation mod error messages in output_log.txt
  • Fix buddy not appearing in buddy replays (only fixes new replays)
  • Leaderboards will now clean up removed friends after a short time
  • Increased the LoD distance for certain grabbable items
  • Fixed alignment issue when throwing items downward
  • Hide items that are impossible to earn in Customize screen
  • Checkpoint trail SFX
  • Updated Boosting SFX


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