[Game Update] - 282864

Release Date: 08/22/18

Update Information:


Detailed Patch Notes

  • Buddy added to wholesale. Six new buddy courses in wholesale including new rewards
  • Fixed misaligned scoreboard numbers
  • Fixed player controller jumping 45 degrees sideways when A/W or W/D are held on jump, to prevent sideways movement drift 
  • Optimized particle systems
  • Fixed missing collision in ceiling intersections in school 
  • Disable other players showing “buddy mode”
  • Fixed missing collision in wholesale inside Bruce’s Own BBQ sauce
  • Disable fmod debugging
  • Increase alpha on boosting bar, reduced width
  • Fixed a null reference with the hot potato
  • Exploit fix: checkpoints are now properly ghosted if Buddy is not in your hands after Replay or Spectate
  • Fixed rare case where players would spawn rotated during introduction animations
  • Fix local mods being unplayable unless you have workshop mods also installed
  • Fixed news image sometimes loading in slowly
  • Fixed some stacked / colliding art in wholesale 
  • Bow and arrow accessory increased in rarity and colored

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