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[Game Update] - 277278

Release Date: 07/11/18

Update Information:


Change List:


Detailed Patch Notes

  • Two new courses in Master Class. Wind Tunnel Mastery and Honors Gym Class. Beat all the Mastery courses in Master Class to unlock Honors Gym Class
  • A new more responsive air control model
  • Players looking into to a wall jump now reflect away from the wall based on a gradient.  Previously, if you were looking inward to the jump even a little bit you would trigger 100% of the reflection code. Wall jumps should feel more consistent
  • If the player has a large amount of forward momentum, and W is not held on jump, the player still jumps forward.  This should reduce cases where the jump direction feels ‘random’
  • Trampolines now recenter directional momentum to your look direction on jump when a large portion of forward momentum, or forward is pressed
  • Conveyor belts no longer provide a large inconsistent speed boost when leaving them.  Instead they provide the conveyor speed as an additional flat bonus
  • Conveyor belts no longer let you stack speed bonuses on repeated jumps
  • You now gain acceleration (yellow bar at bottom left) when falling, in a consistent way to when jumping.  This should reduce the number of cases where you land and don’t have much grounded speed
  • Checkpoint fallback system added.  If you somehow manage to save a checkpoint in a bad location, and die on spawn, you will be respawned at the last known good checkpoint
  • Fixed missing reward for collecting Wholesale cards
  • If you spawn in a place where you can’t stand (like the vents) you will now spawn crouched instead of exploding into a million pieces over and over again
  • Meat Paste footsteps and amb emitters
  • Wholesale Intro Animation sounds
  • Added ultra low-spec fallback shader for Lava
  • Increased kill volume of lava plane near the freezers (second) so people can’t jump out of world anymore
  • Fixed issues with the scroll wheel and mod creator names in the custom game menu
  • Fixed incorrect names being attributed to death reasons
  • Fixed lobster traps in Wholesale risers above paper napkins area
  • Fixed lobster trap in Wholesale risers in flours section
  • Fixed lobster trap in Wholesale freezers, chicken breast area
  • Fixed missing collision on BBQ boxes in first aisle of Wholesale
  • Fixed Z fighting in freezer 1 of Wholesale
  • Fixed lobster trap in Wholesale risers in first row
  • Fixed missing collision on metal grates inside the meat area of Wholesale
  • Fixed lobster trap on top of molasses in sugar aisle
  • Fixed lobster trap in storage room atop shelf that let you see thru ceiling
  • Fixed collision on window wall of office in Wholesale that allowed player to see through, as well as lobster trap behind ‘tidy desk’ chair
  • Fixed a lobster trap in the tall chip riser near the manager window of wholesale
  • Fixed invisible wall on wood pallet in wholesale
  • Fixed lobster trap in patio chair/table area of wholesale
  • Fixed really bad lobster trap in freezer 1 by blue chicken boxes
  • Fixed missing collision on freezer door
  • Fixed invisible wall in final riser (above dressers) 
  • Fixed lobster/death trap first riser in the boxed iced tea area
  • Fixed collision and visual holes on the pop display in wholesale 
  • Fixed replays to show time elapsed
  • Enable Scroll Jump when binding scroll wheel to jump
  • Fixed held items leaving hands after changing settings
  • Fixed collision on walls and vents in Wholesale to use more consistent box colliders

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