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[Game Update] - 276327

Release Date: No value

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Added Explore mode to Wholesale
  • Fixed massive skip through the vents in the Meat Grinder course
  • Fixed the pin in To The Top triggering a star in Duct and Cover
  • Optimization: Disable VFX and Lighting as appropriate for Potato and Medium quality settings
  • Fixed bug where players could get stuck on horizontal pogo force field
  • Fixed various places in the risers where you could get stuck
  • Fixed issue where players could get stuck on the stairs
  • Fixed issue with paper towel prefab
  • Fixed issue preventing award being given for collecting all the cards
  • Fixed missing collision issue with office door frame
  • Added more art to meat area and more...MEAT
  • Fixed clipping issue with Intro camera for To The Top
  • Music intensity fix for wholesale pogo trials
  • Fixed colour cube (red tint) in wholesale office when leaving a course
  • Added lava audio emitters to far side of the course
  • Added Checkout audio rattles
  • Fixed placement of Chase The Lie pin to be achievable

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