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[Game Update] - 275175

Release Date: 06/26/18

Update Information:



Detailed Patch Notes

  • You can now pickup just about everything smaller than a cat
  • Throw anything you pick up at your friends
  • Pause screen now displays the total number of cards you’ve collected per world
  • Fix replay jumping when typing a or d in chat
  • Made replay UI consistent with observer UI
  • Fix missing hud elements (reticle, speed, etc) in spectate and replay
  • Made game update countdown aware of timezones
  • Fixed fan woosh sound staying on for some players
  • Fixed ragdoll softlock when hitting lava
  • Fixed some wrong audio surface tagging in the School Yard. Specifically, walls near the windows used to sound like glass
  • Audio Mixing adjustments, including lowering UI Collision Feedback volume
  • Fixed View Model option resetting after death
  • Prevent accidental binding of menu inputs and prevent conflicts with gameplay bindings
  • Fixed issue where you could accidentally use a decal while watching the intro animation
  • Fixed an issue where you could trigger restart during the intro animation
  • Fixed an issue where player movement input was still accepted during the intro animation
  • Fixed pogo stick woosh not playing in some cases

Wholesale coming soon
Thank you for all your feedback on the PTB! Our next major world is nearing a state where we can promote it to the public branch.  We are expecting to release Wholesale next week.  

Community Spotlight
Custom maps are starting to trickle in- and we are more excited than ever for community content.  In future patches and new updates we will begin to highlight extraordinary community contributions- and hopefully drive traffic to these awesome creations.   In the meantime, please come checkout the mapping and art communities on our community discord channel: https://discord.gg/hTAmKF6

You can join in the Discussion Topic here.
If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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