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[Game Update] - 274225

Release Date: 06/18/18

Update Information:


Take your Pogo Stick skills to the next level in the new Pogo Stick Mastery course


Get that last card you can't find and practice that jump you can never make in the new explore mode.  All those pesky force fields are disabled and you can save checkpoints anywhere you want with SaveCheckPoint (defaults to X). 

Detailed Patch Notes

  • A new pogo stick trial has been added to the Mastery course
  • Added “Explore” mode to School to let players collect cards and practice with user placed checkpoints
  • Add a "Reset Everything" button to options menu and a confirmation for discarding options changes
  • More gamepad support improvements
  • Set your own checkpoints in the overworld and lava explore mode by pressing X
  • Fix trials and portals UI from appearing over replays and spectate
  • Fixed several shut down crashes
  • Collision and culling fixes in tutorial gym and school
  • Fixed bug causing random deaths when climbing the wall in school courtyard
  • Fixed bug that would cause victory music to stay on after completing a course
  • Player SFX are now properly muted when the sfx volume is set to zero
  • Improved game startup time
  • Reduce delay when updating message of the day

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