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[Game Update] - 272580

Release Date: 09/05/18

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Swapped the order of the Senior Trip and Freshman Frenzy courses
  • Swapped the start of Middle School Mischief and Senior Trip
  • Various checkpoints added to reduce confusion in Freshman Frenzy and Senior Trip
  • Course completion time notification now includes the course name
  • New climber grabbing logic- it should feel more fair and consistent
  • Fix pogo stick players dabbing around everywhere they go
  • Made the “viewing replay” screen clickable
  • Players now automatically rejoin a lobby if they lose their connection
  • Fix intro animation audio playing globally 
  • Fixed card rewards being triggered by only one card type
  • Added countdown timer to main menu
  • Various bugfixes around school and tutorial
  • Fixed many lighting issues in school
  • Support for gamepad canceling out of replays
  • Fixed broken POI on other players

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