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[Game Update] - 272214

Release Date: 06/06/18

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Implemented new pogo tuning so that the player bounces higher
  • Pogo now maintains some vertical velocity when jumping from high places
  • Fixed tab menu intractability issues
  • Fixed aliasing issues on certain UI elements
  • Fixed issue with leaderboard entries not allowing you to play replays
  • Fixed issue where watching replays would pull the player into that course
  • Fixed double jump issue with pogo sticks
  • Fixed missing pogo stick issue
  • Fixed issue where pogo would not play the intro animation
  • Switched the online world for pogo trial 3 to be in the lava world
  • Adjusted pogo checkpoint collision so they can’t be reached from below as easily
  • Sync intro animations online

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