[Game Update] - 337090

Release Date: 05/24/2019

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Bug Fixes:

  • Cannon shots will detonate after 3 seconds, in case they get stuck on things.
  • Controller players will now properly get an ‘eat’ action prompt as well with edible plantable items
  • Fixed a crash with shadow hands in non Hamlet games.
  • Fixed a crash with pig trading.
  • Fixed a crash with the twister.
  • Fixed a crash with volcanomanager.
  • Hopefully fixed rare but severe render glitch where everything in the world would start flickering in and out of existence.
  • Fix for bug where minimap would not start to uncover until you had looked at minimap
  • Fix for all items on minimap being visible in non-Hamlet worlds
  • Gnat mounds will maintain their worked state between save and load
  • Gnats will wait to rebuild their nest properly.

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