[Game Update] - 333702

Release Date: 05/14/19

Update Information:

Hail Survivors, Don’t Starve: Hamlet has come out Early Access! 

image (7).png

A great big thank you to everyone who participated during our Early Access period. The Don’t Starve community is one of the best to interact with, so full of passion and enthusiasm for all things in the Constant. We have thoroughly enjoyed the journey with you, dropping Wilson and his friends into this world of civilized pigs and dangerous jungles.

As we come out of Early Access, all of the features tested in the beta branch will of course go live for everybody, including player craftable doors, the new Ancient Hulk giant, Wheeler and Wagstaff. The beta branch will still be accessible for a while, but we won’t be updating it anymore.

As a special thank you to all of the Don’t Starve players and fans, Wagstaff has been made available to everyone who has the base game and is not exclusive to the Hamlet DLC.


Now that early access has finished, there is no schedule for new features to Hamlet, but we will still be putting out updates of bug fixes as we have them. After you have mastered the mountain top plateau, if you are looking for further Don’t Starve challenges, please check in with Don’t Starve Together as there are some old faces being re-made as well some altogether new ones showing up. 

Patch Notes: 333702

New Features:

  • Wheeler added to Hamlet DLC.
  • Ancient Hulk added to Hamlet DLC.
  • New rooms and doors added to the renovation crafting tab.
  • Wagstaff added to all versions.

Bug Fixes:

  • Wagstaff doesn't announce when another creature puts on one of his goggles
  • Don't activate the color change when another creature puts on the Fryfocals
  • Disable map when Living Artifact is active
  • Fixed a crash when playing adventure mode as Wagstaff and reaching the final chapter
  • Fixed player telelocating into interiors.
  • Fixed Depth Worm inspect quotes
  • Fixed issue in interiors that could result in two rooms occupying the same location*
  • Wheeler will no longer get stuck in God Mode after Dodging
  • Fixed a crash when players click an empty Trusty Shooter slot
  • Miscellaneous tunings on the Aporkalypse

*The bugfix in the player interiors needed a fixup that in case of detected errors will relocate the offending rooms and removes any doors that connected to the offending rooms - the player is reimbursed the cost of the doors. If you notice missing doors in your house, this is why.

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