[Game Update] - 327257

Release Date: 04/18/19

Update Information:

Greetings Survivors!

We’re close to releasing Hamlet from Early Access. As we said in a recent roadmap post, we have been working on two new characters plus a new giant to battle with. Actually, we would like to have those tested a bit. 

So, once more, we invite you to the interior beta branch, this time to meet the newest “guests” of the Constant: Wagstaff and Wheeler. 

But with light comes shadow. An ancient and terrible metal hulk lies waiting to be discovered. A lonely sentinel still stuck in a long forgotten war.

A big thank you to everyone who has tried out the beta branch so far. As always you’ve been tremendously helpful. There are still some issues with the interiors, particularly when used in worlds other than Hamlet, and we will be working to fix those up before we move everything to the main branch. 

We’re planning to go live with Hamlet 1.0 on May 14th. 

To access the beta branch:

  • Go to the BETAS tab in the Don’t Starve Properties dialogue. 
  • Enter the code: dsinteriorbeta and press the CHECK CODE button.
  • Select hamet_interors - Hamlet Interior upgrade beta from the drop down.
  • Your game will then update to the new beta branch. 

This branch uses separate save files from your regular base game.  You can make a copy of your base game save files in the beta branch by using the console command: TheSim:ImportSave() 
Your save files will remain unchanged in your regular branch. 
You can return to the regular branch by going to the same BETAS tab and selecting the drop down: NONE - Opt out of all beta programs.

Regular Change Notes: 327257

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed potential assert on earthquake in anthill.
  • Fixed code that tried to place out of bounds blue sow and truffle back in its room
  • Worldgen occasionally generates an unreachable area. It should now be accessible through a wormhole
  • Fixed aporkalypse clock blocking interaction with suspicious crack on north wall
  • It's now possible to drop items on carpets and the aporkalypse clock.
  • Improved craft-tabs to more accurately chime and highlight to reflect changes
  • Fixed glitch where aporkalypse clock was sometimes missing on the minimap

Beta Change Notes: 327391

New Features for testing:

  • Added Wheeler
  • Added Wagstaff
  • Added the Ancient Hulk
  • Added some new wall and floor textures to the Renovate Tab.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where anthills could end up without a way out.

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