[Game Update] - 305080

Release Date: 01/24/2019

Update Information:


The pigs of Hamlet are feeling festive, but they need incentive to throw a party. Incentive like surviving an Aporkalypse. 

So if you can survive several days of torment before you avert the cataclysm, the Pigs in towns all across Hamlet will throw a fiesta to celebrate life. Go join them in the fun.

New Feature

  • Pig towns will celebrate for a few days after an Aporkalypse

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mouse over detection on new Hamlet prepared foods
  • Fixed mouse over detection on new Hamlet turf
  • Fixed assert when traveling to Hamlet wearing the cowl
  • Fixed assert on world load when Beefalo Mating Season was set to ‘Often’
  • Fixed assert when unwrapping a bundle in a Vanilla world
  • Fixed art problem with Woodie’s hair.
  • Fixed a problem with the brush
  • Fixed a typo in dungpile loot
  • Fixed a tooltip on the Smelter
  • Fixed crash when leaving interior with lazy explorer equipped
  • Fixed smelter not working with controller/right mouse button
  • Fixed infinite loop when destroying a beehive in a world with bees set to ‘None’


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