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[Game Update] - 469524

Release Date: 06/29/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

This is a small update that fixes some issues with translations, and adds commandline argument to allow the game to work on certain older Macbooks. 

Happy Grifting!


  • New commandline argument --nomipmaps allows users to turn off loading mipmaps entirely; This should fix users that are getting crashes in their drivers, presumably because our mips aren't always multiples of 4
  • Various translation fixes


  • Fixed bug allowing you to rig both sides of Rook's coin
  • Bogling: Fix a bug where it was being triggered by 'Preparing' a parasite.
  • Blasted Eye: Fix the amount of Impair applied at end of turn to match text.
  • Hot Air: Fix a problem where it increased its stack at the beginning of the player turn.
  • Swamp Haunt: Amend text for style consistency.


  • Increase tooltip and convo tooltip layout scale for Big/Bigger UI mode
  • Add a keyword for Mettle in battle/negotiation.
  • Type-check all declension macros for safety.
  • Delay health bar in the UI being inaccurate if Smith plays a self-damage attack and alleviate quickly in succession.
  • Apply layout scaling to the inline notification widget.

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