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[Game Update] - 457631

Release Date: 03/24/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

This update has some UI and controller fixes, as well as some general housekeeping as we approach release.


  • Preserve sort order when upgrading cards in the DeckScreen.
  • screens can restrict reticule bounds (used by the location and travel screens to keep the reticule out of the menu)
  • Gamepad: Add binding to delete focussed save slot. 
  • Hide notification button in gamepad/touch mode.
  • Add fustum culling to speed up some UI screens.
  • Disable MOTD
  • Disable experiments
  • Remove Pre-release message
  • Gamepad: While in Big/Bigger mode, inspecting fighters/arguments will lower the cards in hand for better visibility.
  • Suppress tooltips showing referenced cards while in Big / Bigger UI mode, as they can occlude the UI.
  • Fade transition when continuing a game from the NewGameScreen.
  • Fix sliders in the option screen not sinking left/right inputs.
  • Suppress card tooltips on focus in CardListBlocks (choose flourish, etc.)
  • Fade out when beginning a standard campaign. Load during the blackout.
  • Fade out when beginning a daily. Load during the blackout.
  • Fixed typos


  • Beach Party: Stabilize translation ids for assemble team chatter.


  • Fix description on Boosted Powder Keg
  • Fixed incorrect value in desc of Visionary Rubble
  • Beast of the Bog: use condition name instead of unlocalized text
  • Distresser is now a Sal-only graft.
  • Fix card prepared status being cached in PreReq, which is a no-no because that is called from the UI.

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