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[Game Update] - 456300

Release Date: 03/16/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters, 

Today's update should reduce hitching that can happen during the card games. We were doing a lot of redundant state updates in the cards themselves, and this was starting to become a problem. Hopefully, this didn't break anything, and the cards are still up-to-date and accurate as you play and the state of the game changes. But it's a terrifying change, so make sure that you f8 any weirdness that you see!


  • Remove potentially superfluous Refresh cards.
  • Avoid full hand refresh when processing DELTA_ACTION_COUNT, CONDITION_ADDED, CONDITION_REMOVED.  It's only necessary for debug commands which modify state outside the normal course of the card sim.
  • fightscreen can preload defs, which can preload defs
  • void_chain preloads the anims for the monster it wants to spawn
  • clean up cardwidget:SetOutline to do less redundant work
  • don't double-layout tooltip widgets
  • make cardwidget:refreshcard cheaper by not recalculating everything every time
  • don't refresh new card widgets twice when adding to hand
  • Keep fightarrow.tex, negotiationarrow.tex loaded


  • your comrades hate you and leave you if you abandon them in side_smith_seemli_triangular_firing_squad


  • mettle upgrades are presented in a sorted order
  • Only emote "injured" when being removed from an encounter at the end of combat if you are an active speaker (prevents talking animals in rare cases)
  • make question go away after it is asked in dangerous_goods_seller.lua

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