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[Game Update] - 456070

Release Date: 03/15/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters:

Another day, another batch of fixes! Nothing too exciting... which is good! Surprises at this stage would likely be bad surprises. :)



  • Fix gaining full flourish amount for attack damage that was partially defended.
  • You gain Flourish now for receiving damage, instead of defending damage (which didn't work anyway).
  • Don't give saved life opinion event if your partner is dead on smith day 3.


  • So. Many. Typos.
  • nil-check source_widget when updating targetting arrows.  Not sure how this can happen however, but it seems to be a rare potential crash.
  • Gamepad: Suppress card details hint for CardArrangements, since it conflicts with viewing Discards.
  • play notification sfx with panning
  • Gamepad: Don't show Flourishes hint during enemy turn.
  • refresh music when starting a negotiation, and favour the negotiation music over character music
  • Gamepad: Bind (RT) to Fighter Details, instead of (A) to be consistent with viewing card details.
  • Gamepad: Handle but don't show (B) Cancel hint when selecting cards.
  • Gamepad: Handle but don't show (B) Cancel hint when selecting cards in negotiation.
  • Loadout screen no longer indicates you have perk points to spend if you've unlocked all perks.
  • Pressing (B) while previewing a card in battle or negotiation will unfocus any currently selected card for easier viewing of the battlefield.
  • Revised Rook slide art


  • Mark Hanbi's Hilt Slam as a debuff.
  • Flame Cannon: hilight Burn keyword.
  • Fix card text consistency for upgrades to Fan the Hammer.

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