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[Game Update] - 455845

Release Date: 03/12/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

We are now content locked for release, so that we can do our final polishing fixes. In the next week we're going to be paying particular attention to the controller interface, and rooting out any remaining typos. Wish us luck!


  • Gamepad: Disable normal menu accept (A) option to draft cards and grafts, to fix accidental picks.
  • Gamepad: Map graft draft to (X) so it's consistent with card drafting. ¬†Fix 'click' sound playing when pressing (A) even though nothing happens.
  • Don't show 'playable cards left' warning for Toolbox cards, even if the option is enabled.
  • Gamepad: Fix targetting arrow sometimes not following focus widget in battle.
  • Fix repeating hover sound being triggered when calling TargetArrow:AttachToPosition each frame.
  • Initialize gamepad reticule when showing the TravelScreen to the player location.
  • fix (??) for character music resuming after being interrupted by other, noncharacter music
  • Play acquired_flourish sound when choosing a Flourish from the popup.
  • fix robotBoss voice actor
  • timing fix for opinion event when you betray foolo
  • Fix HUD positioning for Mutated Lumicytes.
  • Fix cards without hit anims from being cleared from the player preview in combat. (This could result in a lingering incorrect previews, such as playing Portable Bunker followed by RPG, which would indicate you are attacking your ally)
  • Added missing graft icons to the "Buy Graft" options in sal_story_merchants.lua and smith_party_store.lua
  • Blacklist will have its pre-requisite hilight if the opponent negotiator's name isn't already on the list.


  • the zealots now only incept kunais if their zealot_throw attack is not evaded
  • Adjusted the scaling of all flourish related mettle upgrades so they scale to 1x instead of 1.5x
  • give palamborat the plot armour tag, so that he'll only show up at the end
  • fix timing of fssh askabouts on day 4
  • So many typo fixes and text updates...


  • Added missing debuff flag for the drone goon's rifle butt attack

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