[Game Update] - 453207

Release Date: 02/24/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Just a couple of fixes today. As we closer to freeze, you should probably see these lists getting smaller, and more precise.


  • side_thief_bounty.lua now applies Wanted Alive to the thief if you choose to fight them
  • Mutant vix now maintains his attack sequence through stuns¬†
  • Vixmalli's resentments can no longer be triggered on the turn they are deployed
  • Self-Doubt don't force targets on the turn they are created, if it is Vixmalli's turn


  • force_target no longer redirects splash damage, any such effect must use the SPLASH_RESOLVE event
  • Removed Burnout from Shrewd
  • Reduced damage from Rowdy Patron by 1
  • Fixed bug where Unstoppable affected all fighters
  • Trail of Daggers: Don't issue post battle dialog if you ran away.
  • Flatten II: Ensure Composure is applied first, as per the wording.


  • Add gamepad button hint for navigating to top bar.
  • Fix flourish cards mysteriously reversing order whenever the screen regains topmost status.

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