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[Game Update] - 452485

Release Date: 02/18/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

This update cycle is going to be short, and focus on bugs and tuning as we work towards locking down our build for the port. This first update makes some big balance changes to brawl, and gives new players the option to start on P1 if they're familiar with the genre.



  • Brawls give you the option of two quests every time you do a quest
  • Brawl grafts are no longer given out in Brawl games, the draft has been replaced by a regular graft draft
  • "Brawl grafts" are now given out at the start of daily challenges
  • Prestige 4 now increases boss health
  • Increased health of twin bosses but lowered their damage at p0 (increased defend at higher prestige)
  • Slightly buffed both the Shredmaw and Droad
  • Add confirmation option to pet selling in the night market.
  • renaming p0 from "Normal" to "Introduction"
  • Give players the option to skip Prestige 0, if they have played other deckbuilders
  • Fixed bug where lumin turrets would damage themselves
  • the worker in baron_the_best_defense.lua now helps you when negotiating to save them from getting beat up, regardless of relationship


  • Fix hatched cards not having the correct owner.
  • Hatch-ready cards don't show up in upgrade remainders, and shouldn't be upgradeable from the DeckScreen.
  • Fix 0 stacks showing up sometimes in combat keyword tooltips.
  • Update Muddler description to reflect it only applies to enemy targets
  • Change how Pursue, Amplify, Rehearsal, and Forgo bonuses are tracked so that they work as expected with Carbon Copy.
  • Eel eclairs no longer give xp to item cards.
  • Wanted! now deals 8 resolve damage exactly.
  • fixed bug where Raise affected 2 cards instead of 1
  • CombatCondition calls SetStacks in init now, which is more analagous to how modifiers work in negotiation, and fixes some bugs with conditions' OnSetStacks not being triggered on first application.  In particular, fixes Impervious not being triggered if gaining 99 Defense without having prior Defense.
  • Martial Master now improvises Phantom Finishers.


  • Add mechanism to cycle through hover links in the conversation screen using gamepad.
  • make the priest look scared when you push him into the beast
  • Greyed out the outfit you are already wearing when changing outfits. (also removed some debug prints)

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