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[Game Update] - 451868

Release Date: 02/12/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

We did a dialog pass on Smith's finale, and did some further revisions to Vix's negotiation, based on feedback and testing.


  • Smith finale final text initial pass
  • Added a custom negotiation behaviour for Weezil and Brut
  • Added the Rise Valet and Admiralty Investigator to Murder Bay and Pearl On Foam
  • Added the Rise Valet and Admiralty Investigator to the relevant combat parties


  • Reduced wound applied by Fold 'em by 1
  • Retarget any necessary arguments when Shielded is applied.
  • Sal's Shadow Mastery now grants Adrenaline instead of Temporary Power
  • Vix negotiation changes:
  • - resentments scale in power with the prestige level
  • - self-doubt functions like bait
  • - bottled rage is weaker on p0, and only grows from card damage
  • - the shield will not be applied twice to same resentment in a row if there are other options
  • - reduce the number of attacks when there are self-doubts in play from 3 to 2
  • Fixed incorrect rarities on some of the new boss grafts¬†


  • Fix shield status changes not updating the tooltip.

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