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[Game Update] - 451704

Release Date: 02/11/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here are some new grafts, a bunch of tuning, and some big speed improvements in the compendium.


  • Added 2 new general boss battle grafts
  • Added 4 new general boss negotiation grafts
  • Added 2 boss grafts for each character (one negotiation, one battle)
  • Moved Coactive Orbslug and Contractor from Boss grafts to Rare grafts
  • Moved Distributed Processing from Boss graft to Uncommon graft
  • Rook Balance Changes:
  • - Increased cost of Induction to 2
  • - Increased cost of Telegraph to 2
  • - Increased cost of Casings to 3
  • - Increased cost of Backfire to 3
  • - Increased cost and damage on Wounding Shot 
  • - Reduced max damage of Charged Barrage to 3
  • - Reduced Overcharge from lever_plus2 to 3
  • Smith Balance Changes:
  • - Increased cost and damage on Conquer
  • - Increased cost of Obliterate
  • - Increased cost of Thickness
  • - Increased cost and damage of Bio-Strike
  • Add Vix negotiation quips
  • Vix pours on increasing impatience once it starts
  • vix's 'damage this argument' triggers account for defence


  • 5-10x speedup when opening for people and grafts compendium tab.
  • Cut 33% (~2k) widgets from the Mettle tab in the Compendium.
  • Remove unnecessary hitbox and post_images child widgets from IconButton.
  • Fix crash if clicking on GraftDetails of a graft that was just upgraded.
  • Add missing nil-check to fighter quipping.  Can occur if you for example you kill Jeol and his drones at the same time with an AOE.
  • Fix hidden selected_filters still applying in a FilterOptionalRadioGroup.  This would happen when switching between battle/negotiation cards.
  • Fix missing hit frame for Smith's throw anim.

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