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[Game Update] - 450669

Release Date: 02/04/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Just a small bugfix update today. It's coming along!


  • Fixed bug where the Devoted core argument was healing no matter what opponent argument was destroyed
  • Increased max damage and influence gained by Praise
  • Decreased influence from Jabber 
  • Remove dependency on card.hatch, which is redundant with CARD_FLAGS.HATCH.
  • Fix Nesting Cards.
  • Cards with a userdata.hatch_id will automatically have TransformCard called.
  • Blockade now previews the correct composure amount
  • Add 'source' parameters to buff and debuff removal for various triggers to detect.
  • First Aid will now trigger if you remove debuffs from other fighters.
  • Fixed bug where Quenched Toughen Up would always apply the bonus defend


  • Added custom negotiation behaviour for the admiralty investigators
  • Make Hebbel's bar neutral ground, so that barons can show up there
  • Smith finale: Add bishop_of_foam to the Fellowship of the Smith; make tei special; add more dumb placeholder strings

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