[Game Update] - 450430

Release Date: 02/03/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Another day, another batch of fixes! We're really hitting the controller UI bugs right now. Also, some day 4 stuff (not playable, but you can peek at the fuuuuuuuuture).


  • Enabled Boss graft rewards for Smith and Rook's first two days to mirror Sal's campaign
  • Fix a bug allowing Phroluk to sell Autodogs.
  • Pre-assign the loot in the Desolate Battlefield event.
  • Added some VERY Work-in-progress quest files for smith's finale. They don't run yet, but there's some of that temporary dialog that y'all seem to like so much in there.


  • Fixing the character scrolling on the New Game Screen
  • Hook up the mettle shop bgs.
  • Fix targettable Flourish cards not being usable in gamepad mode.
  • Only cancel chosen flourishes with Cancel or Alt binding. 
  • Adding Confirm-End-Turn option to the simplified-mode options screen, so that players can change that setting if needed
  • Making all the compendium popups into screens, so that things behind them can't get focus and break controller support
  • Don't add Flourishes hint while choosing cards from hand.
  • Keeping the End-turn-button hidden in gamepad mode
  • IMGUI ignores controller input unless the controller was used to start imgui
  • Don't show the reticule while FE fading.
  • Fix gamepad control defaulting to fighter focus after choosing a toolbox card.
  • Prevent access to Flourishes popup during inspection mode in negotiation and combat.
  • Remove superfluous "(B) Cancel" hint while selecting a card to play or while inspecting.
  • Fix location agents occasionally showing up in convo as the initial primary cast in ConfrontStates that are not specifying that cxt:GetAgent() == nil.
  • In negotiations, trying to end turn when there are still playable cards will show the same confirmation popup from battle
  • Making the Compendium tabs take up the whole width, and leave enough padding for the tabs' gamepad button hints. Also now the compendium content width matches the available width on the window
  • Making the compendium scroll only the focused panel (sidebar OR content) when using the gamepad joystick. Also now the gamepad hint switching between Show Sidebar and Show Content works correctly.


  • Auto-deal lean and green.
  • Speed up Flourish anim in fast mode.
  • Evasive Free-Fighting now lists the evasion first for clarity
  • Added upgrade highlight to Boosted Free-Fighting

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