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[Game Update] - 446729

Release Date: 01/06/21

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Today's update contains more fixes for issues that came up over the break. We're also working on the last missing pieces of Smith's third day. Behind the scenes, we're doing long-term planning, and doing design work for Smith's finale day.


  • Clobbers' Shield Bash now gets reset from being hit OR taking damage. This means it can be reset by things like ricochet and burn
  • Updated combat behaviour for the Snug
  • WIP quest side_smith_eden_from_the_top
  • Slight boost to 'bog healing' event.
  • Fix for auction not ending if an auction item is destroyed as a starting or ending turn effect.
  • remove jeol's plot armour
  • Moreef's jobs are both spawned, rather than spawned in an inactive state.  This prevents them from trying to cast the same Agent, which can cause a crash if the user chooses one, then declines it (which will spawn it via StateGraphUtil.PresentQuestOffer), and then chooses the other option.  Therefore, I am removing the 'spawn_as_inactive' flag entirely since it is unsafe.


  • Reworked how Slimy cards work (subject to change)
  • The Chafe graft now deals piercing damage to avoid negative interactions with things like Aleternator
  • Fixed bug where Calm didn't display it's composure value if the value had modifiers applied
  • Fixed bug where the buff from feedback loop could be used up by a non-damage attack (such as Throw Dust)
  • Scorched Earth counts as an 'attack card', so that its damage is affected by Bait.
  • Power Through now fades on the owner fighter's END_TURN event, instead of END_PLAYER_TURN.
  • Fix damage preview arrows appearing when the player is afflicted with Stinging Eyes.
  • Focused Assault: shows multi-hit preview when conditions are satisfied.


  • Locking the compendium filters for locked playable characters
  • Use GameStats to check whether bosses are defeated, since GameProfile:HasKilledAgent only literally checks whether you 'murdered' them.
  • Remove clickability from individual relationship icons in the MainOverlay topbar so that you don't need to cycle through them all in controller mode.
  • Making it possible to switch between argument-focus and card-focus in the Negotiation screen with controller again. Now uses the LB to go from card-focus to argument-focus and also to switch between the various argument/intent wheels. B is then used to go back to card-focus
  • Tweak position on the bounty widget label on the DraftChoicePopup
  • When trying to navigate in a direction and there are no widgets to move focus to, the focused widget animates to show input happened
  • Making the main overlay not scale up as much in small-screen UI mode
  • Displaying the Mettle currency text in the default text color
  • Displaying boss-prestige info on the Boss Compendium. Now it's possible to know what prestige level a boss has been beaten at. Also changed the alignment of the character anim on that popup screen, since some characters overlapped the UI content
  • Fix missing string format argument for agents that are neutral to you, but have a social history.
  • Improving the info text on the Mettle and Flourish screens. Fixing the Mettle vendor's shop text lines


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