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[Game Update] - 445507

Release Date: 12/15/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Just a small update today with a couple of fixes and WIP stuff. Have fun!


  • reduce the max number of robberies in side_at_the_crossroad.lua, and make the admiralty more likely to show up early.
  • WIP new smith quest (not complete or enabled yet)
  • Soluble Fish now calculates total Doubt across multiple arguments.
  • Smith Meets Sal: Fix crash if Sal's pet flees after you win the battle.
  • Private Security: Bribed patrons will stick around for the battle.
  • add plot armour to some early-spawned characters in smith's story


  • Remove hi-lighting from upgraded Jarackle Free-Fighting card text.
  • Visionary Booster Clamp draws 1 card, like the other upgraded boss grafts.

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