[Game Update] - 439848

Release Date: 11/12/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Today we did a pass on the attack and health numbers for the Sal and Rook's bosses. Our metrics are telling us that at prestige 0, the win rates are a bit too high for almost all of them, except for the Flead Queen, Glofriam, and Kashio. Our hope is that increasing the boss difficulty earlier in the game, and smoothing it out a bit, players will learn to make better decks by the time they get to the final boss, and it won't seem like as much of a spike as it does now.

The high win rates make sense when you consider that most of those bosses were tuned before perks were added. With mettle coming in really soon, it felt like a good time to address the overall balance.

Anyway, give a p0 run a shot, and tell us what you think! These changes are aimed at new players rocking not-very-good decks, so it's a bit hard for people with a lot of experience in the Griftlands (like us and probably you) to fully reason about them. But we have to try :)





  • Boss difficulty pass: most non-final bosses should be a bit harder in p0 now, and story mode will be easier overall.


  • Fix potential crash with Even Footing if there are no valid friendly arguments.
  • Fix rare brawl crash if you speak with a character on the same frame as you return to the bar.  The return_to_bar confront would trigger a location transition and clear the primary cast before the DefaultHub options would be collected.


  • Audio device can be set to "system default", and then it tracks with OS changes. Otherwise, if you set an override, it uses that so long as that device persists.
  • Fix an error changing max-target resolution in the option screen.


  • Show the received cards in the option tooltip when salvaging your autodog.
  • Adding the Mettle Screen

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