[Game Update] - 439451

Release Date: 11/09/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Today's updates are mostly fixes, and a lot of them were also hotfixed into release. Actually new stuff will be coming later in the week, probably.


  • Two fisted no longer broadcasts the DRINK event¬†
  • fix soft-lock in a certain path of smith_story_marriage_contract
  • add a way for you to let yourself into the party room if the proprietor is dead.
  • Removed unintentional DBG in oppo_fight_club.lua
  • Fixed typos and grammatical errors
  • Fix potential crash assigning a random reward if you win the auction but don't win any specific items. (eg. playing Oolo's Requisition)
  • Fix crash if you kill Theroux in the no-suitor branch.


  • Fixed bug where the wrist_rocket boon could deal damage to yourself
  • enforce neutral relationship for "rando" in the comedy club oppo
  • Added an explanation string to the Adhesive boon when selecting a card
  • Reworked upgrades for intrigue
  • Fix crash if you destroy the Bog Burr boss's core argument via doubt.


  • Fix rare ui crash when dying from Damnation as Smith.
  • Fix crash if using a language that no longer exists (eg. was installed by a disabled mod)


  • Only upload leaderboard scores > 0.
  • Download friends-only scores.

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