[Game Update] - 437424

Release Date: 10/28/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

We're alllllllmost there! Wer're just waiting on Andwanette's combat, some bg art, some sound stuff, and translation.

Actually, that sounds like a lot. Making games is a lot of work! :)



  • Make it so that you can actually unlock smith by finishing day 1 of rook
  • Remove some placeholder dialog, hook up some un-hooked-up dialog
  • Fix progression blocker in smiths' sandwich quest when using the Handy perk
  • AgentUtil.TakeJob will add a work position if it doesn't already exist. ¬†Fixes a crash with 'Smith Bounced Out'
  • Steven does not have social_connections anymore.


  • Fixed is now a debuff
  • Added missing event priority on escalate
  • Fixed bug where escalate wasn't doubling min_persuasion correctly
  • Smith's hole_up now uses NEXT_TURN_DEFENSE rather than its own condition
  • nil-check damage for Sentenced's hit handler


  • Hiding the difficulty stars for the player agents
  • Fixing the card damage sorting on the in-game deck
  • Positioning the agent title correctly for agents without faction on the compendium
  • Adding Boss compendium


  • Updated the Chinese translation (it's not yet fully caught up)

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