[Game Update] - 434412

Release Date: 10/08/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Another day, another experimental update. Have at it!


  • Denikus now uses bandit captain negotiation behaviour (temp)
  • Fixed bug where Renown didn't show intents on its first turn
  • Added a Boon for the Racing Oshnus
  • New random Smith event.
  • Fix lonely oshnu leaving like a mercenary. It might leave, but not for that reason. :)
  • Added brut to smith_defend_bar_day_1.lua
  • commented out negotiation_data on Andwanette and Denikus such that they use their inherited negotiation behaviour


  • Fixed bug where Escalation affected damage from arguments
  • Reworked Brag
  • SINGLED_OUT is now marked as a debuff
  • Fixed desc of rescind_plus2
  • stun_gun can no longer stun if evaded
  • Added a taunt card for Mark Nine Nine
  • Chemist: number of stacks of Distracted are calculated in the behaviour instead of the modifier itself. ¬†Fixes a crash if the argument is spawned by a player card.


  • Adding relationships information to the Run History screen. Saving dead agents to run history
  • Making the deck buttons on the New Game screen clearer
  • Showing the feats on the run history screen. Saving more data to the run history when ending a run

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