[Game Update] - 433196

Release Date: 09/30/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

We have some new content for you today. And the usual round of fixes. Have fun!


  • Hooked up the new anims for the Oshnu Wranglers
  • Add Poor merchants
  • New Smith Quest: The Great Lumin Heist
  • The option to reject payment in event_bladder_attack.lua now previews the change in relationship


  • Preventing invalid acts from crashing the Run History Screen


  • Tank and Scatterphase now both have damage/counter equal to their stacks rather than the effect and stacks being different
  • warp_vial now transforms at the beginning of the turn exclusively, even if not in hand, to ensure that if it is improvised, it still has an effect.
  • warp_vial transformation should trigger before rejig.

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