[Game Update] - 432478

Release Date: 09/24/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

Stuff! And things!

We're just working through our backlogs, so this one is a little here and a little there. A cornucopia of patch notes!.


  • Mod Screen: Hide Unsubscribe button if you are already unsubscribed.
  • Assign mod_id to ConvoStateGraph instances so convos can access the mod they are associated with.
  • Add basic mod support for exposing custom user settings in the OptionsScreen.


  • Clean up smith's store interactions, and add a special shopkeeper
  • Added new Smith event 
  • The opinion events causing Sal's night merchants to dislike for you choosing to help the other merchant are shown in the corresponding option tooltips.
  • Added death loot for the Heshbladders
  • Set up combat behaviour for the Heshbladders 


  • Fighter status change events animated asynchronously.  Notably, you won't have to wait for a single Erchin to flee for combat to proceed.
  • Showing the Custom Game warning in red on the New Game Screen
  • Making the Perks selectable with gamepad on the New Game Screen
  • Added a Perk Screen ingame, where one can see all currently active perks
  • Smith's BOTTLE_TRACKER now listens for CARD_MOVED to determine when bottles are added/remove to prevent things like status_pinned from interfering with the tracking
  • Fixing the layout when a new Perk is unlocked


  • Do Over: reduced cost to 2.
  • Scorched Earth: shows the number of non-hostile cards currently in the discards while in negotiation.
  • Fixed bug where counter wasn't triggered by cards with 0 as max damage (such as slug smash) even if they dealt damage
  • Added upgrades for knuckle_down and overdrive
  • Added second upgrade for Smith's Degrade and Stool Pigeon
  • Lowered damage of flead_upgraded_shoot but increased its wound to 2, for parity with unupgraded flead
  • Reduced alleviate amount on Looper by 1
  • Reordered description of blademouth_beating to clarify its effect
  • Fixed edge-case where Recoverable health could carry over to next turn in rare cases
  • Reduced the damage of the Bogger Cultivators aoe attack but it now also applies exposed to non-player fighters
  • Damage previews should now accurately reflect damage avoided by evasion
  • Revised how unknown_concoction works to fix save/load bug
  • All ScalarAccumulators in negotiation_engine.lua are now initialized before the negotiators to fix a bug with Confrontational
  • Fixed bug where Stonewall wasn't triggering unless you removed all renown
  • bottle tracker accounts for bottles in the opening hand.
  • Fix a softlock in Moxie presentation by only showing if Smith is already idle, for now.

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