[Game Update] - 431778

Release Date: 09/21/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters!

Here's today's update. It has Smith stuff in it. Have fun!


  • New smith quest: Shoot the Messenger
  • New def: Oshnu Wranglers
  • New oppos for Smith
  • Fix potential crash when a fighter flees to be replaced with a backup.
  • The default bandit masked head is now associated only with Shrokes.


  • Fixed bug where evoked cards were not played correctly if marked as UNPLAYABLE
  • Reworked Bog Pauldrons so it works for all characters
  • Fixed bug where Evil Eye would not apply to cards that dealt damage multiple times
  • Fixed bug cause by playing Circle Back with no target
  • Fixed bug in powder_keg
  • Fix Shield description when playing Amnesty.
  • Rise Manifesto card text should use Incept keyword.


  • Fix a bug where hovering over a character after selecting them on the New Game Screen would cancel the selection.
  • Adding a limit to the number of perks shown on the top bar at any given time
  • Replacing the mods enable-button with a checkbox again. Sorry Chris, you were right


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