[Game Update] - 431500

Release Date: 09/18/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Thanks for checking out Smith yesterday! It's nice to have those quests tested, finally. Today's update is mostly fixes, based on feedback and crash reports that we've seen. Next week should bring some new quest content :)


  • Added new Smith negotiation cards
  • Fix desc for Wide Fixed
  • Battle.Attack has its own damage accumulator so that you can query IsSource() to determine whether a given source is modifying the calculated damage.  Defect uses this to determine whether it should remove itself.
  • Fixed: no longer Expend, and only reduced when attacked.
  • Renamed Smith's Scour to Ransack
  • hot_air now gains 4 damage when you destroy it, instead of doubling
  • Fixed smith using some old unused spree quips in negotiation
  • Fix enemy NPCs acting if they were stunned by an ally NPC after your turn.
  • The Shroog now spawns a single shrooglet whenever it creates the Shroog Flock argument unless it already has shrooglets alive
  • Fixed bug where Misanthropic wasn't attacking correctly and a separate bug where its damage label wasn't updated immediately
  • Fix crash when negotiating with Buleet, who for now will use the Rise behaviour.


  • Added a new oppo for Smith with placeholder dialogue
  • make "pet_rescue" event specific to sal
  • Trade coins with Pengemunt requires a lucky coin.


  • Fixed a lot of smith quest typos and crashes
  • When serializing string table keys, use literal strings in case there are embedded newlines. (this was causing some rare save file corruption issues)
  • Prior to RememberDialog being called, ensure it receives a legitimate loc key.
  • remove smith's unlock id for now
  • Fix an error where legacy restarts weren't using the correct save file name, preserving the original run.
  • Added a nilcheck for "act" when getting high score. 
  • Add example of card upgrades to example mod.


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