[Game Update] - 430397

Release Date: 09/11/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Small update today, just tying up some loose ends. At the end of this cycle we're going to be going all-in on getting Smith done. The next update cycle will be an extra-long one as we get him ready for his debut, but since you're the type to read the patch notes in the experimental channel, you'll get to see new stuff pretty much every day :)


  • Compromise: redesigned
  • Fuel Canister: Clarified card text


  • Add act filter to mod event
  • Move PresetGrafts, GenerateGrafts from content file to graftshop.lua
  • Add a convo filter in the act data.
  • Add game_state and act_id references to ConvoStateGraph.


  • Aligning the Card Pack popup cards, so they don't overlap the title
  • Fix edge case where Travel locations were placed on top of eachother.
  • Fixed bug where the core argument would sometimes not be at the front of the argument ring

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