[Game Update] - 430237

Release Date: 09/10/20

Update Information:

Hey grifters!

You can now check out the mod screen in-game if you're part of the mod group on steam. I see that Cross Character Campaign is already up there, so we're off to a good start!


  • Added a mod screen!
  • Updated example mods on workshop and in /mods
  • Add support for chaining OnLoad functions for mods, to allow dependencies on other mod content.
  • Mods can specify a description_file to externally source its description text.
  • Only update workshop item's title and description when uploading for the first time to avoid stomping any edits done in the workshop portal.
  • Fix workshop items being always set to Private visibilty when uploading.


  • Added a NO_IMPATIENCE flag to daily_boss_negotiation.lua
  • Tweaks to Jeol's negotiation behaviour to prevent being overwhelmed by the composure and resolve gadgets
  • Added a new argument to Kashio's negotiation behaviour
  • Added Negotiation behaviour for the Grout Monster
  • Fixed bug where doubt would immediately cancel Kashio's duplicated core
  • Added negotiation behaviour for Eonwe
  • Fixed bug with Flekfis' SLUGGISH argument
  • Fixed bug with Circle Back and clarified its description
  • Evil Eye no longer modifies Bad Deal or Known Thug damage.
  • Don't require a click when switch blade creates a duplicate.
  • Clear show_dealt flag when Duplicating cards so they get shown as dealt by default


  • Added the Rise Turncoat Boss to event_rook_meet_sal.lua and sal_story_day_1.lua
  • Removed plot armour checks from Charming and Forgiveness
  • Added mutator options to daily_boss_negotiation.lua


  • Add TooltipKeywords to GraftDetails widget, allowing you to preview referenced cards like Conductor.

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